Thank you

First and foremost, thank you for choosing small business!  We are very proud of our business and we're committed to providing the best southern-style barbecue!

A special thank you to all of the people that helped us get this business off the ground!!

Thank you to our parents and our families for all their help and support!  Thank you Mom & Dad L for your help with the photos and the truck! Thank you to Linda and Mike from Michaels II Cafe for letting us hold our first events at their bar!  Thank you so much to Chris and Bianca for always helping us even when it's last minute!  Thank you to Tim and Nicole for hosting amazing parties at their house! Thank you to Madalene at Bash catering and event planning of Darien for allowing us to rent the kitchen.  Without her we wouldn't be able to have a catering license! Thank you to Dan and Kristien for your great article in OmNom CT!  Thank you to the crew at the News-Times for our great article in the News-Times & surrounding newspapers! Thank you to Mike Lee for all your help in the beginning, staying in touch this whole time & especially all your help with the competition! Thank you to our friends and family that have come to our events, liked/shared our page and helped spread the word! 

Thank you Laurie & Pete for the beautiful card!  It was a pleasure! :)
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